Who We Are -  New Pathways For Children is a non-profit, adolescent residential treatment facility, sponsored by the Churches of Christ.

What We Do:  We serve male and female adolescents between the ages of  10 - 18, who are in the custody of the State of Kentucky.  We provide for all of the needs of these children.  We attempt to address whatever issues  that have arisen in the life of  the child, prior to their referral to New Pathways For Children.   The children reside at one of our two campuses, and their stay may last from six months, or up to two years.   These children face a variety of challenges, ranging from abuse and neglect,  to mental health issues,  to severe behavioral issues, and to basic family and environmental issues.

How We Do This:  New Pathways For Children provides 24 hour direct-care supervision of these children.  We provide individual, group, and family counseling, as well as case management services.  New Pathways provides,
shelter, food, clothing, and we house an on-site school at our boy's campus, to provide a more structured education.  Individual Treatment Plans are developed for each child,  and it's implementation is directed my our treatment team.  The plans address any presenting issues identified by the treatment team,  as well as  any behavioral modificaton.   We  provide recreational activities as a part of the overall treatment plan for each child, and we strive to provide the best environment and services possible to help each child address whatever challenge lies before them.  It is our goal to introduce these youth, to a better life; a better way to live.  We accomplish this through the scriptural teachings of the Bible, and through sound clinical support services.

Where We Are Located:
  Our main office is located at, 3233 Shaw Road,  in Melber, KY.  Our boys' campus is also
located in Melber, KY.  Our girls' campus is located in Reidland, KY. 

How You Can Help:  New Pathways For Children, is in need of your continued support.  Whether you provide supplies (linens, hygiene products, cleaning products, etc.), volunteer, or provide financial support, we appreciate what YOU do. 
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