J.L. and Miyoka Wheeler Foundation Provides Van
Glen Burse, Executive Director of New Pathways for Children, is shown presenting the keys to a newly acquired 15 passenger van to Michael Morris, Treatment Director for New Pathways.  Dr. Ricky Burse, Associate Executive Director looks on. The van was purchased with grant funds from the J.L and Miyoka Wheeler Foundation. It will be used in the boy's program located on Shaw Road near Melber. Bonnie McMillan of Mayfield is the President of the Foundation.




We have just come through the season of the year where we are reminded by nature of new beginnings. Each year during springtime we notice the small, subtle emergence of a blade of grass, a bud on a fruit tree, a bloom on a shrub and the appearance of leaves on the trees.  When we see these signs we know that nature will soon be in full array of its beauty.


We have a wonderful staff of childcare workers at New Pathways who daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cultivate the emergence of new life in our residents.  Children come to New Pathways many times with spirits shattered and lives broken by years of dysfunction in the family.  They need to feel again a sense of hope and to experience again their competence.  Our staff provides the children an environment where they feel like they belong, and just as springtime brings forth new life, an emphasis on meeting their social, emotional and spiritual needs in a Christ-like atmosphere brings forth new life to the child.


Those who have followed closely the work of New Pathways are aware of the struggles the agency has faced over its 23 year history to secure adequate funding for the ministry.  During the short time I have been here, the board, staff and I have worked hard to contain cost and increase our funding.  We are pleased and thankful for the progress we have made over the past 20 months.


As always, we are thankful and grateful for anything you can do for us.  You are a vital part of our ministry.  Without your interest, we could not continue to serve the children.  Please continue your prayers.  Send us a contribution when you can.  Encourage the church where you attend  to support us in any way it can.  Speak a good word for us.  Stop by, visit,  and see the work.  Give God the Glory!

May God bless our partnership?

Glen Burse, Executive Director


(You may contact Glen Burse at P. O. Box 10, Melber, KY 42069 or by phone at 270-674-6061, or e-mail at